To the c.a. by Professor Antonio Imeneo FUNVIC EUROPA

With this, the company Narciso Group srl wants to thank openly FUNVIC EUROPE, to make us participate in future social and sporting projects, which have as a starting point the AGGREGATION, INCLUSION and SPORT. We believe very much in these values ​​and projects as we have put the PERSONA and its psycho-physical WELLBEING as the basis of our company reality with a continuous research into materials, shapes and use solutions that are to be developed as customized projects of particular realities that lead to staying and living better. We turn with our projects to the world of the CHILD, OF THE ELDER and to DIFFERENTLY ABLE.

We believe that no one should be excluded, for this reason when we are asked for a realization, we try to field all our knowledge in the various sectors and leave nothing to chance but creating situations that can facilitate all the motor activity. Many of our realities and we are proud and honored, host the various Paralympic federations that use them in view of international events. In addition, but not least, we have created a MAGAZINE within our site where, every week, professionals and industry experts write, to share knowledge, experiences and personal points of view, articles on issues related to sport, education, safety and movement concerning all age groups and all the motor possibilities.

In faith

Narciso Group srl