KOMBAT-TIAMO is a project of Reconciliation, Social Inclusion and International Dialogue developed by the Creative Management Association and FUNVIC Club UNESCO BFUCA WFUCA Europa.

The project aims to contribute to the annihilation of social, ethnic and religious differences by combating behaviors that slow down or deny the value of these differences, spreading the fundamental principle of loving through “I LOVE YOU”. The goal of this Kombattimento, as well as its noble path of reconciliation, will be realized through the promotion of ETHICS projects of sport and culture.

To concentrate the intent in a symbol of universal value, the creators of KOMBAT-TIAMO have thought to create the conditions for metaphorically wearing the project to all the populations of the world: a great white reconciliation shirt that, in the indefinability of its size encloses the spirit of neutrality and of the union of peoples and cultures, it will gather on itself the signatures of the various “reconcilers” (ambassadors who will adhere to the project all over the world).