FUNVIC Europe with UHAI Center Kenya

FUNVIC Europe with UHAI Center in Kenya for the prevention and fight against alcoholism and drug addiction.

UHAI is a registered non-profit organization based in Kenya; performs services (voluntarily) within educational institutions (primary, secondary and university) in collaboration with the government and corporate institutions, in particular in the prevention and awareness of the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

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  1. Thankyou Professor Antonio,

    Im glad to be part of FUNVIC EUROPA, im from Kenya – East Africa.

    Uhai Centre volunteers in creating awareness on effects of alcoholism, drug abuse and antisocial behaviors among underage ; particularly school going children.

    We offer drug education, prevention through lifeskills training, coping mechanisms and counseling services. We work in partnership with vulnerable education institutions (Public Primary and Secondary Schools & Colleges) where debut is high.

    We now subscribe to FUNVIC EUROPA peace projects and we are ready to spread peace, love and unity in our communities.

    Thankyou Prof. Antonio for your kind consideration.

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