FUNVIC EUROPA with Anty Hally Global foundation

Collaboration between FUNVIC EUROPA e Anty Hally global Foundation (AHGF)

AHGF is a Nigeria based registered Non Governmental Charity based organization, targeted at the improvement of the common man’s life which includes empowering women into entrepreneur businesses to enable them cater for their basic and day to day need, provision of supports to internally displaced children who are displace either by conflicts, crisis, disasters or societal misappropriations, and cultural believes that render them as destitute, Anty Hally Global Foundation has made effort in seeing the improvements of the present almajiri (child informal education) system which is culminating almost all parts of Nigerian precisely the north.
Currently the Anty Hally Global Foundation have its operational office in Kano State of Nigeria.
The organization have recorded so many achievement suffer from its initiation, among which are:
1. Empowering over 500 women with financial support to enable them start a well to do business for their up keeping and that of their children.
2. Provision of defense to displaced children’s interest and elimination of prejudice and discrimination of the internally displaced children, by providing food support, clothing’s and other needs to the displaced children of Kano from the year 2015 to 2018.
3. Dedicated to saving the lives of severely malnourished children while helping vulnerable children become self-sufficient. With the provision of clean drinking water to them true the construction/drilling of local boreholes/well and clean accessible water within Garko Local Government Area.
4. Provision of medical support to victims who are affected by some minor medical cases, like malaria, fever and typhoid, cholera etc thereby providing over the count drugs to the affected victims and also providing awareness on the preventive measures of contacting diseases and sanitization processes.
Future Plan
1. To provide educational support to over 1million internally displaced children in Nigeria by the year 2030 through creating a forum that will be awarding scholarships to the aforementioned displaced children to make them a better part of the society and to have them become useful members of their society.
2. To provide financial grant and support to over 500,000 Nigerian women by the year 2024 through training them on the various entrepreneurships strategies and skills like shoe making, bags and beads making, fish farming hair braiding etc to help them become financially stable and to build a well engaged community.
3. To construct at least 100 boreholes to over 100 communities to enable them access safe drinking water to avoid outbreak of diseases that are caused as a result of unhealthy drinking water.