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Funvic Europa and Academy Sport Sciences for Africa

FUNVIC EUROPA has carried out a scientific and professional collaboration with A.I.S.T.S.C. “Academy Sport Sciences” to promote in Africa the International Research Center FUNVIC EUROPA project that deals with the prevention of sports institutions in sports.

The collaboration  was founded with the aim of helping the sports federations and the Olympic Committees of African countries to improve the prevention of muscle sports in sport, through scientific research and the training of staff that revolves around to the sportsman.

Sport Sciences Academy (AISTSC) Its mission is to provide quality education and prepare future sports leaders to meet the needs and expectations of the sports industry. – which facilitates the development of knowledge and its application to sport, through different projects. – which has the capacity to bridge the gap between technology and sport, drawing on the expertise of the leading International Institutes of Sport Technologies, – The International Academy of Education and Training and Social Development (AIEFDS) is one of the founding members of AISTSC.