FUNVIC Europa with Maestro Scarselli for Peace

Culture and Art for the Messengers of Peace FUNVIC.

Precious collaboration between FUNVIC Europa and the internationally renowned Maestro Marcello Scarselli. The collaborative partnership arises from the desire to share moments of culture aimed at underlining how art constitutes a powerful vector for inclusion and cohesion among peoples. Through the art and works of Maestro Scarselli, FUNVIC Europe intends to raise awareness and focus attention on social issues such as Bullying, Violence against Women, Racism, etc. etc.

The unique works of Maestro Scarselli made for FUNVIC Europe, are dedicated to the Messengers of Peace, the collaboration began with the new Messenger of Peace Simone Perrotta, the work of Maestro Scarselli donated by FUNVIC Europa to the athlete, has as its theme the fight against violence against women.

FUNVIC Europa is very attentive and sensitive to these issues, from Marco Baruffaldi to Gessica Notaro, these among the main activities developed in Italy.