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IMPORTANT: to start a humanitarian / social / cultural collaboration with FUNVIC EUROPA, it is necessary to send a short letter of cooperation together with the institutional logo in JPG format. Requests without the aforementioned requirements will not be taken into consideration.


President / G.D.  FUNVIC EUROPE Prof. Antonio Imeneo, Vice President Dr. Claudio Pica, Project Manager Dr. Alessandro Marchetti.

in the photo, from the BFUCA website (Federação Nacional das Associações, Centros and Clubes UNESCO do Brasil), Antonio Imeneo, resp. Funvic Europa with the President BFUCA, Luís Otávio Palhari

Prof. Luís Otávio Palhari is the FUNVIC President, as well as President of the BFUCA Federation and member of the WFUCA Board of Directors (World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers and Associations)

Our educational proposal: our philosophy is Christian. Based on the principles and foundations of the Holy Scriptures and with the aim of educating and spreading grace and knowledge through Jesus Christ. To help promote the interaction of the relationship between the human being, his Creator “God” and the world, in a Christian vision.

Our mission: to educate and train with Christian knowledge and principles Our vision: lives and societies transformed by Christians rich in knowledge Our goals:

• Promote excellence in education                                                                                                           • Contribute to the formation of the human being                                                                                    • Awaken the noble Christian values                                                                                                        • Working with social responsibility                                                                                                           • Contribute to building and realizing dreams                                                                                           • Encourage people to build a better world                                                                                               • Collaborate for sustainable growth


FUNVIC Europa, is a territorial section of the FUNVIC, which is a member of the UNESCO BFUCA (Brazil) and WFUCA clubs. In Europe it carries out its social activities not as a UNESCO Club.

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FUNVIC EUROPE “Let’s help the world, let’s save the earth”, FUNVIC Europe is committed against climate change that threatens the cultural heritage sites of humanity. The natural wonders of the world are increasingly at risk because of climate change. For this purpose S.E. Ambassador Andrew Ramjohn (Advisor of the company CZITT Carbon Zero) will carry out a series of cultural initiatives to better understand the strategies to be implemented for the reduction of atmospheric pollution.