FUNVIC EUROPA with FAAVM – Ottawa Ontario Canada

FUNVIC EUROPA and FAAVM create the “Partnership for Peace”) effective as of “1 January 2019” on the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth.

  1. This Partnership for Peace is a professional and organizational commitment to promote equality, justice, peace and respect for human rights standards; locally, nationally and globally.
  2. The collaborative goal of building connections is to build trust, share and learn from each other and find ways to engage, collaborate and support all our efforts to alleviate injustice, help prevent conflicts and help eliminate suffering. human for the good of humanity.


Precedente FUNVIC EUROPA with SIPE KENYA Successivo International Ambassador for Peace FAAVM

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  1. Amb.Richard Udeh il said:

    I appreciate your contribution to peace in the world at large,I want to partner with you As GSFEN Ambassador working with your organisation to promote peace Nigeria.

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