FUNVIC EUROPA together with Institut Supérieur d’Agronomie d’Afrique Centrale (ISAAC)

Director dr. Prof. l’Abbé Richard Filakota “We must deploy for the relaunch of the agricultural sector to become the spearhead of the economy of our country” The purpose of the Higher Institute of Agronomy is to train the farmers of the “new generation” by putting them in condition to engage in the modern mechanized production system, for a “third generation agriculture”, respectful of new environmental data, avoiding the worsening of greenhouse gas emissions.

Filakota announced that the project will be part of an agricultural and agro-pastoral strategy responsible for the environment, improving the degradation of forest areas threatened by human activities (extensive cultivation, wood), against the uncontrolled exploitation of green wooded areas.

“This university is a panacea for our country,” said Agriculture Minister Fidel Gouandjika. “We need this institution for agro-pastoral training, not only for the central African elite, but also for the base technicians, farmers and even producers,” he said.

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