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Against Violence against women: FUNVIC #IOSTOCONGESSICA

Gessica Notaro, born in 1989, a life dedicated to animals, singing, dancing, fashion shows and TV shows on local and national broadcasters. In 2007, Gessica Notaro was proclaimed Miss Romagna, won the final in the Miss Italy competition. After this experience, a career in the entertainment world took off, taking part in Rai and Mediaset programs as singer, dancer and presenter.

However, the young became known for a very serious news story. On 10 January 2017 Edson Tavares, Cape Verdean and former boyfriend of Gessica, waited for her at home and threw acid on her. From that moment on she began a calvary of surgical operations, to the face and to save in particular an eye. Scarring a woman, it is scarring her in her identity.


Gessica Notaro has participated in the RAI TV 2018 edition of Ballando con le Stelle and decided on TV to challenge the lawyers who in a letter have reproached her for telling her nightmare publicly. “I will not be silent,” said Gessica in front of the cameras, framed in the foreground. “No, I’ll keep talking. For me, for those women who are gone and can not tell it, and for those who are locked up in the house and do not have the strength to react. ” “So – it was the girl’s words – do not continue to insist, because the more you tell me to be silent and the more I will continue to speak: it is a promise”.

Gessica Notaro has thus become a symbol of the fight against violence against women and FUNVIC Europe is on its side