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FUNVIC EUROPA collaborazione con YDRD Yemen

FUNVIC EUROPA collaborazione con YDRD Yemen

outh Determination for Relief and Development (YDRD) is a nonprofit organization established in 2015 under the provision of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor constitutions dedicated to respond to the lifesaving needs and development in Yemen considering the global development goals as the main pillar for achieving the contemporary development in the local communities. YDRD headquarter is based in Amanat Al Asimah and an operational office in Taiz.

Vision :

Enhance access to humanitarian response for the most affected people through relief programs and projects during conflicts, wars and natural disasters; and to contribute to development in the context of stability.


  1. Contribute to relief work in various areas to serve Yemenis through an integrated approach.
  2. Align the response to the global development goals 2030.
  3. Supporting the protection and advocacy of environmental issues and combating all forms of pollution.
  4. Work to find income-generating projects and create employment opportunities for the most disadvantageous Youth in Yemen.
  5. Advocacy of voluntary work concepts in particular among the youth and build the leadership capabilities and networking skills.
  6. Conducting the relevant studies of the major concerns such as crisis, conflict and peacebuilding.
  7. Advocacy and Development of Women and Youth Issues and promote the gender based response in line to the international humanitarian standards.
  8. Contribute to peace building and reconstruction during and post the conflict.
  9. Enhance quality & impact of the response through excellent programming.